Thursday, 1 September 2016

Corporate Financial Services

Kameleon Solutions has been providing a leading financial services organisation with talent management advice and solutions for over ten years.  

Over the last 5 years the talent management programme designed by us has received continual accolades as the 'programme to be on' and is seen as the gold standard development opportunity for progressive individuals.

During this period the programme was awarded accreditation by the CII (Chartered Institute of Insurers).

A reflection of the standing of the programme has been its ability to avoid strident organisational budget cuts in cost conscious times, whilst most other programmes where radically cut.

In a programme review by senior HR managers it was recognised as being a key facilitator to the development and progression of the organisation’s talent population. Individual participants regularly cite the programme as the best they have been on.

We continue to be engaged by the company on other aspects of talent identification and development, including the design of a process for 'rising talent' to bolster the talent pipeline

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